Dec. 2, 2021

December 1 2021 - Canucks Pre-Game, Darren Dreger (TSN NHL Insider), Vanni Sartini (Vancouver Whitecaps FC Head Coach)

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The show kicked off with the Welcome Matt and the potential of the Canucks bringing back Gillis and Gilman as the President and GM.

Jeff Paterson, our Canucks Reporter joined ahead of the game vs Ottawa. Jeff reacted to the Kevin Epp interview, where he blamed the media for the poor on ice performance of the team. Talked about the potential of back to back wins for the 2nd time this season. 

Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake and started off by summing up his moustache game, through November and where he stood in his company podium. Talked about the Canucks expressing interest in Jake De Brusk. The issue right now is the Marchand suspension and Covid outbreak in their American League franchise. St. Louis has always tried to get him. Maybe the market has softened on Boston’s demands but it’ll be a few pieces. Doesn’t know if Vancouver has been interested in him before. Would be surprised if they weren’t. His playoff stats stand out. There is some accountability that needs to be here from Jake De Brusk. He isn’t the player his prospect card had him out to be. Says the team should have refined his skillset a little bit more. Everybody should accept the blame. There is going to have to be a contract that goes the other way, as BOS is a cap team. Don Sweeny has an uphill battle for his client. Talked about the Habs house-cleaning. Hasn’t heard anything directly connecting those executives to the Canucks. Thinks Bergevin has earned a break. He will welcome the recharge. Talked about other potential GM candidates for MTL. Talked about what he is hearing on Jim Rutherford. Not a lot, which is sad. JR has earned the right to be selective and has turned down opportunities. Doesn’t know what they were but probably advisory roles. You’re not going to peer over someones shoulders with his resume. Would take a GM job is it was the right fit.  

The new Head Coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps joined Matt and Blake a day after signing on as the new permanent man for the job. Talked about how excited he is for Jan 15th to come. Talked about what he thought his chances were of of getting the full time show. Says after the win against MUFC he knew he had a solid chance. He knows what he is good at. Talked about his leadership style. Talked about how the team will improve next year. Talked about how he celebrated with his family.

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