Feb. 21, 2022

Dan Hamhuis

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Sekeres and Price is happy to bring you a special family day episode with Dan Hamhuis. Dan talked about what he is up to in retirement. Has been taking the time to do a lot of skiing and hunting. It’s been about 17 months since he retirement. He talked about retiring before the pandemic started. He says it’s definitely a different environment now than when he played. Talked about being back in Smithers. Loves enjoying all the outdoor activities there are there. It offers a lot for young families. A great community to grow up in. Talked about how he got started in hockey. In Smithers you are either a ski family or a hockey family. It was an automatic choice for his family, being a block and a half away from the rink. Talked about going undrafted in the Bantam draft. Broke his leg just before the BC Winter Games. Would have gotten some exposure there. Talked about being the Scholastic Player of the Year. Says he never had a realistic dream of playing in the NHL. Just a single-A player in Smithers. Says when he missed the Bantam draft, he didn’t know there was a Bantam draft. Talked about his connection with Eric Brewer, who left for the NHL from PG and opened up a spot. It wasn’t till he got to PG that he met players who had been to NHL training camps. They had met NHL players and he had never met one before. Seems like the environment has really shifted since he was coming up. Feels pretty fortunate to have come up in the environment. Was nice to be living in his home town in his own house up until he left for junior. Says his family did everything they could at the time. Says his sisters had to go through all road trips but they had reaped the rewards of his NHL career. Talked about going through the Nashville system. Was a bigger jump than he thought going from the dub to the AHL. Big life changes being with billet family’s to going at it on your own. Says he was a bit intimidated going into pro camp. Says his first season in the AHL was his worst year as a pro. Never got called up and probably didn’t deserve to. Was very motivated the next year to not go back to Milwaukee. Pretty exciting feeling to jump over the boards when his name got called. Talked about the first year and getting regular ice time. Talked about that defensive core that came out of Nashville with Suter and Weber. Talked about his relationship with Barry Trotz. He was like a dad in a way. A real big family guy that cared about you personally and professionally. Talked about the summer of 2010. Started with a friendly parting of ways with the Preds. They would have liked to sign him but couldn’t afford it. Got excited about the prospect of having 29 teams to look at. Talked about getting traded to Philly. Had some good conversations but told them he had earned the right to talk to all teams and not just one. That’s when his rights were traded to PIT. He felt sorry they lost their draft pick but that isn’t on him. They did take a long look at both those teams on July 1st. Talked about the boxes that need to be ticked and how they change as your family grows, as you enter your prime. Wanting to win and play a big part in the team. It was never really about money, more about fit. Came down to PIT and VAN. Vancouver was going through some changes. Once he signed the contract, the ink wasn’t even dry before he asked why there was even consideration of another team. Talked about having a NTC. There were teams offering more money but he was happy with the money. Talked about the 2010/11 run. It was such a special year. He knew it would be a lot of pressure. Talked about facing up with CHI in the first round. That game 7 was one of the most exciting games he has ever played in his career. Talked about going into BOS up 2 games. Was injured. Talked about the hip-check on Lucic that knocked him out of the series. Would do it again if the same situation presented itself. His groin was ripped off the bone with a hernia. Certainly, understands why the pain didn’t go away. There were a few tears in the doctor’s office that day. Talked about winning a gold medal in Sochi. Had a 6-year goal to make the team that turned into a 10-year goal. Made an incredible high development curve from Smithers to the NHL. Moving to Vancouver sparked him a bit. He recommitted to himself. Was a great experience. His wife was able to come and they managed to get to the ski hill to check out a few events. Was asked if he is a Predator or a Canucks. He took the political way out and talked about his time in Dallas and enjoying it. Nashville holds a special place with starting his career there and his kids being born there. Vancouver is great being from BC. Talked about Hockey Canada and how important that experience was for his development. Talked about why he didn’t waive his NTC at the end of his Canucks career. Was hoping for an extension. Says he did waive it for DAL or CHI but a trade never materialized. Was hoping for a contract with the Canucks after and would have taken a serious home-town discount. Talked about if he ever thinks back and wonders if there ever could have been a cup for him. Says it isn’t a healthy place. Feels he made the best decisions at the time. Doesn't ever think it wasn’t a successful or rewarding career because he didn’t win a cup. Talked about what he is up to these days, past NHL life. Skiing has been a big thing for the family. Says backcountry skiing has been big for him. Gets to ski some great snow with no tracks. Loves mountain biking. Opens up a bit more now that he isn’t as worried about getting injured. Coached volleyball this year, not knowing that much about it.

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