April 15, 2022

Cory Schneider

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Former Vancouver Canuck, Cory Schneider, joined Matt and Blake for a special Easter weekend special show. Talked about finally getting in with the Islanders. Had a rough start leading into covid. Things snowballed from there. Was feeling good about his game in the American League before he got called up in Jersey. Talked about signing with the Isles. It was a familiar option for him with Lou there. Going on a deep playoff run with the team reinvigorated him. Says he wasn’t about playing in the AHL. A lot of people look down at it but he hadn’t played in a year and a half. He just wanted to play games and prove to himself that he could still play. Talked about what he heard from other guys who had contemplated retirement. Was as nervous for his last start as he was when he broke into the league. Talked about how great it is for his family to see him play in the NHL again. Win or lose he is proud of himself to be back when people thought he wasn’t going to play again. Not touting himself as an underdog. Cory talked about his living situation. Commuted from Jersey to Long Island all of last year. Talked about the accent and not having a BOS accent. Says the biggest factor is that his parents aren’t originally from there. Talked about why he chose to go to Boston College. Education was very important to him. Hockey was a luxury for him. He needed to have good grades to be able to play. Cory talked about some of the players he played with who don’t fit the natural hockey body style. Cory does not want to talk about his Beanpot record… would rather win a Frozen Four.
Talked about breaking into Manitoba with the Moose. He felt ready for pro after three years of college. Would have loved to play a fourth year but saw the money that he didn’t want to turn down. The team gave him the max, which caught him off-guard. Knew nothing about Winnipeg, even as an educated guy. Talked about Scott Arniel. Talked about the time he was called out by Arnie. Told him he wasn’t ready for pro, from what he’d seen. Had kind of left him alone to that point. After that meeting, he started to play the best he had ever played. Says the reason he was still in the A was because he was a first round pick, otherwise would have been sent to the ECHL. Says they talk more as piers now, rather than a player-coach relationship. You can take those moment and it can go either way. Says it led him to the path he went on. Talked about how he felt after Lu signed a 12 year deal. Wasn’t a fan of it at the start but all worked out. Talked about his relationship with Luongo. Very easy with Lu. Tough competitor. Says that Roberto quickly made it clear that he wouldn’t be hard on him. Got to learn from two of the best goalies to ever play. Try's not to rehash what could have been. If you told him when he drafted that the career he had was what he would have, he would have said hell ya. Don’t feel sorry for him, he is fine. Don’t be sad for him. Be sad for what is going on in the world. Has never gotten to really know Bo Horvat, though he knows him well. The first couple years, the trade was working for both sides. Things change. No point in comparing himself to him. Says that Bo probably doesn’t give a damn about the old guy in Jersey…
Talked about being in the middle of the fascination that was who was going to start on any given night. Applauds the media in Vancouver for taking that story and making the most of it. Told Matt and Blake they are welcome… Found it funny because people kind of pick sides even though we all wanted the Canucks to win. Says that it was probably way harder on Roberto than him.
Talked about what’s next for him. Wants to think about what is best for his family. At what point does he say if he needs to grind it out for another year for his sake. Or is it time to put the family first. Not sure he wants to hang on to hang on. He isn’t arrogant enough to think teams are lining up to sign him. Talked more about life after hockey. Says he wants to do media like Kevin and bullshit along like he has. He is comfortable with his strengths and connections to do whatever he wants to do. Blessed to be in a financial position that he doesn’t have to work. Coaching seems like a very hard living. Likes the management side but doesn’t know what he would consider in that route. Not very interested in stopping playing and going back to a team where he is away from his family. Can’t keep up with Lu and his 15 fantasy lineups. Can’t think the game like Hank and Danny. Sucks to miss daughters dance and son’s t-ball game. As you get older your priorities change. Will one day consider it heavily.

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