May 23, 2022

Brendan Morrison

Former Vancouver Canuck and “West Coast Express” line member Brendan Morrison joins Sekeres & Price for an extended interview. Reflecting on his early days growing up in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia playing street hockey in his cul-de-sac. His development as a player into his draft year and his time spent with the Canucks. Now retired from the NHL, Brendan spends his time hosting his firing and adventure show "Reel West Coast." 

Former Vancouver Canucks forward, Brendan Morrison, joined Matt and Blake for our latest holiday special programming. Started off talking about playoff hockey. Says they are the best games to play in. Talked about going up against Mike Smith, who played for the Coyotes, as a Blackhawk. In the battle of Alberta, he is going for the Flames, having played there for awhile. Talked about growing up in Pitt Meadows. Doesn’t exactly remember the first time he was on the ice but he was 5 years old. Took to the game right away. Road hockey was a huge part of his life growing up. From an early age, he was always a guy that put up numbers. Not saying it was easy but that was his job. He just went out and played and that was the outcome. Talked about why he went the Jr. A and college route. Talked about being added to the Portland Winterhawks protected list. He was pretty intent on going to school, though. Talked about his time in Michigan. Was there the same time the Fab 5 were there. Knew that he needed to get bigger and stronger and 4 years at school gave him that time. Talked about the players he played with. It was never a rebuild but a reload, every year. Talked about “The Michigan”. He was on the ice when it happened. Talked about being drafted by the New Jersey Devils. Talked about him getting drafted right on the nose where Bobby Mac had him going. Talked about the Devils development system at the time. Admits he may have been a little impatient with how they brought him along. His time in the minors was good for his development in hindsight. Talked about meeting Willie Mitchell. Talked about the story of him getting called up to his first NHL game. Talked about his first year with the Canucks. Talked about playing on the West Coast Express. Talked about playing with Todd Bertuzzi. He was the best power forward in the game. A total package. When he played a bruising, finishing his checks style, he created room. They all thought the game very similarly. At the same time, they all brought something different. Talked about what would have been had they gotten past the Minnesota Wild in 03.

Talked about the Bertuzzi - Moore incident. Says he looks back and it was the perfect storm. If it was a close game, none of this happens. Nothing was meant to happen the way it did. It was horrendous for everyone. Talked about his final year with the Canucks. BMo really believed that he would retire a Canuck. Didn’t end up that way. Talked about how the deal with Anaheim came together. Had a tough year that year. Says it was the first time he dreaded going to the rink. Still thought he was coming back to Vancouver for 10-11. Told the story about training camp. Was totally blindsided by not making the team after coming in on a PTO. Said he never got a call from from Gillis or Gilman. Got a call from Henning. Said they wanted to get younger and bigger. Was pissed off. Knew the team had a legit chance to win and couple be used as a complimentary piece. It’s over with now. Flames gave him a call. The next day, he signed in CAL. 

Talked about Reel West Coast. Wants to show off the adventure that fishing is. Not only reeling in the fish but the culture, the scenery. He has been all over the place. It’s been a great success. Talked about who the better fisherman between him and Willie Mitchell.

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