Aug. 4, 2022

Axel Schuster (Vancouver Whitecaps)

Axel Schuster, CEO and Sporting Director of Vancouver Whitecaps F.C. joined Matt and Blake for Presidents Week. Axel started off chatting about the recent Canadian Championship win, with the Voyageurs Cup in tow. Axel talked about the goalkeeping situation and how they’ve managed the rotating door in net. Axel gave his thoughts on the acquisition of Julian Gressel. Building off the community leader that he is, Axel talked about the plan as a whole when it comes to social impact. They view their club as the top of the league for that standard. He explained why. Axel talked about the roster as a whole and what needs to happen to have it complete. The latest acquisition in Alessandro Schöpf will help fill that. Axel talked about the kind of player he is and what he has accomplished in top 5 leagues in Europe. Axel talked about the academy and how it’s not exactly where they want it to be, largely in part of Covid. Says that they lost ground on American systems, as they were allowed to start playing earlier. Axel talked about Vanni Sartini. Says that he is part of their recruitment package to players and a face of the franchise. Shuster gave his thoughts on international friendlies and what the challenges are that surround the games. Axel talked about if we will see a Sr. women’s team come to the club. You’ll never guess who Axel is rooting for at the upcoming World Cup.

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