Aug. 8, 2022

August 8 2022 - John Shannon & Nathan Rourke

John Shannon of the Bob McCown Podcast and all-around NHL Insider joined Matt and Blake after a few weeks away. John offered plenty of thoughts on the work Lou Lamoriello has done. Considering some of the players he had to give away, he doesn’t have all the tricks up his sleeve. It’s the first time we’ve chatted with John since the Flames made all their top end moves. John chatted about the the Western League and the difficulty they’ve had producing top talent and had a good explanation as to why. John talked about the Summer World Juniors, and how they will play to the TV crowd.

After another blowout win by the BC Lions, Nathan Rourke, joined Matt and Blake to chat about the video game numbers he put up on the weekend. Nathan told us why he is so comfortable with the Canadian game, even though he was playing the American version just a few years ago. Nathan talked about his receiving core and the importance of moving the ball around, but not always having to go deep.

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