Sept. 1, 2021

August 31 2021 - Wade Macleod (Pro Hockey Player), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter), Rick Campbell (Head Coach of the BC Lions)

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Professional Hockey Player, Wade MacLeod joined the show to talk about his incredible journey through cancer and four brain surgeries and his road back to the game he loves and refusing to let cancer decide when he hangs up the skates.

BC Lions Head Coach, Rick Campbell hopped on with the guys to sum up the first four weeks of the season, heading into a well timed bye-week. He addressed the QB situation and how he hopes it plays out.

It was cut-day at Hawks camp. Seahawks beat reporter, Gregg Bell joined Matt and Blake to talk about how this team looks moving forward.

Then it's Tuesday so it's Matt's turn to sizzle... will it happen?

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