Aug. 25, 2022

August 25 2022 - Duane Vienneau (BC Lions) & Jeff Paterson

JPat, our Canucks reporter, back for his daily appearance. To start, Jeff gave his thoughts on a “proposed” 60,000 seat stadium in Surrey and what the likelihood of it being built and properly utilized. Following that the three of them went around the horn for their thoughts on Vancouver Canucks special teams.

The C.O.O. and soon to be President of the Lions, Duane Vienneau, joined Matt and Blake in studio for his first appearance on Sekeres and Price. Duane talked about how he came into the job and how difficult it was to stay away at the start when he knew he would be here at that point. Duane talked about why he wanted to come to B.C. A lot of it had to do with Amar Doman and his vision for the brand. Duane talked about how to drive excitement and energy into 10 home games.

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