Aug. 24, 2022

August 24 2022 - Jeff Paterson & Vanni Sartini

Jeff Paterson was back in his regular slot. JPat started off by talking about stopping by the Olympic Museum in Switzerland and talked about a few of the notable items he saw there. After a few more interesting Swiss facts, Jeff answered our Bodog Poll Question. Jeff gave his thoughts on why the World Cup of Hockey would be in February and have the league paused, as opposed to before the start of the season. The guys talked more about the salary cap and when it is going to get that big bump, so desperately needed. 

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Head Coach, Vanni Sartini, joined Matt and Blake after a big draw last weekend. Vanni talked about him personally authorizing a playoff format change in the MLS playoff race that would see a spot automatically go to Vancouver and there is only 6 spots now up for grabs. Walking it back a little bit, it is more of a challenge to the players. Vanni gave his thoughts on the charge in Gauld’s game right now. Big players make big change and that is why they make the big bucks. Vanni talked about specific MLS rules that differ from the rest of world, in the form of transfer windows. Vanni gave a very blunt assessment as to why there are no more Italians on the team.

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