Aug. 19, 2022

August 19 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal & Rob Williams

Rob Williams, National Editor of the Daily Hive joined Matt and Blake for his regular Friday hit. Rob talked about the Canucks hiring spree and the positions they are looking for. Audio rights may or may not have come up. Rob told us why Canucks fans are so up in arms about the hall of fame selection pictures on the side of their building and if it was a slight to the Vancouver Canucks.

Rick Dhaliwal took a break from his summer vacation to chat about the very latest in what he is hearing with the Vancouver Canucks. Rick brought up a new name that could be a target of management. Rick talked about the secondary FA market and the cost of some of these guys. Rick talked about the tough situation the Calgary Flames put Canucks management in with their contract to Nazem Kadri. Dhali says that the Flames were able to give away Monahan with a sweetener and he explains why the Canucks aren’t in a position to do that. Moving along, Rick talked about Mike DiPietro and where his career could go from here. To finish Rick talked about Nathan Rourke and the season he is having this year and where he might play next season.

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