Aug. 12, 2021

August 11 2021 - Patrick Johnston (Post Media Canucks Reporter), Danielle Lawrie (Olympic Bronze Medalist Women’s Softball), Rob Mullowney (Abbotsford Canucks Chief Operating Officer)

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Back in the blanket fort with some juicy quotes from a Canucks star to sink our teeth into. 

The Welcome Matt looks at the comments that Elias Pettersson made to a Swedish media member, applauding the young star for putting the Canucks management’s feet to the fire.

Canucks reporter Patrick Johnston from Post Media follows and tells us that Jim Benning wasn’t taken back from Pettersson’s comments, acknowledges that the Canucks know they need to keep the players happy, how he feels that Pettersson has another level to get to with his game, and if he thinks Pettersson made the comments because he’s only going to get a bridge deal.

Canadian softball legend Danielle Lawrie follows Hashtags - the best and worst of Twitter, and tells us about her final Olympic experience and how the team came together to win the bronze medal.

The Pat Down looks at the Blue Jays run for the postseason and the drama that is on display nightly with the games dwindling down.

Abbotsford Canucks COO Rob Mullowney joins to tell us about his plans for the new AHL franchise in the Fraser Valley, whether he feels that the team needs to be competitive to drive fan engagement, where they’re at with staffing the organization, and what ticket sales/season tickets are looking like.

J Pat looks to sizzle on Hot Take Wednesday.

The show wraps up with all the Errors & Omissions. 






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