Aug. 10, 2022

August 10 2022 - Cam Robinson & Evan Dunfee

Cam Robinson, of Elite Prospects, joined Matt and Blake to talk all things Canucks at the World Juniors. First he gave his thoughts on our Bodog poll question, and if the Canucks should sign PK Subban. Cam talked about the Canucks prospects that are in Edmonton and the one’s that didn’t get the call this time around. He says no worries, though. Some are projected for the December tournament. Cam told us about the curious case of Joni Jurmo. Cam gave his thoughts on what Truscott needs to do to make it a good tournament for him. Cam talked about Luke Hughes and how he is a legitimate offensive threat but that his d-game needs work.

Commonwealth Champion and Canadian Race Walk record-holder, Evan Dunfee, joined Matt and Blake. Evan talked about his Olympic success, and a few choice words he had for the IOC on the podium. You’ll want to hear that. Evan talked about how he will combine is love of walking and politics with an upcoming run in the Richmond City Council election this October.

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