April 8, 2022

April 8 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal & Jeff Paterson

Our Friday regular, Rick Dhaliwal, joined Matt and Blake before he cracked the crown. Talked about the importance of local coverage as both our shows hit the one year mark this week. Talked about Spencer Martin and signing to be the backup the next couple of years. They got a good guy at a good price point. Talked about where this leave MDP and Silovs being able to develop in Abby. Talked about Bruce Boudreau. The club hasn’t come out and said if he is in or out so they can’t be upset at the media for speculating who could be coming. Talked about some potential incoming players the Canucks are eyeing.
Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined us after back to back 5-1 wins. Talked about our poll question. Says that JT Miller’s streak impressed him the most. He did it while others weren’t producing. Talked about goaltending. Talked about the upcoming home-stand that could put them back in the playoff race. As long as they are not mathematically eliminated, they are still in it. Talked about Horvat and his faceoff prowess.

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