April 7, 2022

April 7 2022 - Scott Rintoul, Jeff Paterson & Tyler Zickel

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Our Thursday regular, Scott Rintoul, joined for a wide look in the world of sports. Started off with the Canucks win in Vegas. Talked about EP40 and the season he has had. Tied Allvin superstar comments and his 4 point performance. Not saying that it is a direct result but if he had that relayed to him, he should want to go out and prove him wrong. Talked about Bo Horvat. Doesn’t think he will retire a Canuck but is simply playing the odds. Talked about Bruce Boudreau and if he will be back. Talked about the bevy of sports this weekend. Excited for MLB opening day. The Jays have him eager for it. Masters is so special.
Our Canucks reporter, JPat joined us. Naturally started talking about how Tiger did in his first round at the Masters. Not a perfect round but expectations were pretty low to start. To be within striking distance of the lead is pretty impressive. Talked about the resurgence of EP40. Thinks he needed 40 games after the layoff and injury last year. Doesn’t want to compare him to Miller but noted that JT has a better production rate in the same amount of time. It was remarkably complete effort by Pettersson. For Jeff, it was the playmaking and the complete 200 foot game. Things that we haven’t seen overall from start to finish. You hope that he can hit next season running with this lead up of 40 games. He will be without the contract distractions. Doesn’t think the Petey took Allvin’s comments personally. Talked about the special teams and turnaround in-season. JPat has never seen anything like it in his career with this club. Talked about Spencer Martin after reports of a one-way contract. Think’s it’s a good move to bring him up. When opportunity knocked, he was there. Nobody will forget the 50 saves vs EDM, even in a losing effort. You’ve hear this management talk about cap space. Talked about Bo Horvat. Logical side of the brain says he doesn’t retire a Canuck. We don’t truly know what this management group thinks of Bo. Not trying to run him out of town but will just say no at this point. There will be another uniform worn by Bo when it’s all said and done. Talked about Brad Richardson. There was 8 years between game winning goals for him.

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