April 8, 2021

April 7 2021

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Day two of the live streaming show and it’s a good one. The Welcome Matt dives into some of the questions that are surrounding the Canucks COVID outbreak.

The man, the myth, the legend Don Taylor from the “Donnie & Dhali” show makes an appearance where the boys go down memory lane from their time working together at TSN 1040.

Our Wednesday NHL insider Craig Button makes his debut on the show. The conversation focuses in on the NHL draft, and just who the Canucks could be setting their sights on with a potential top-10 pick. Button also gives high praise for Canucks prospect Linus Karlsson, and wonders what the cost of extending Tanner Pearson could be for the Canucks. 

The Price is Right takes a look at the Masters and how the event just isn’t the same without Tiger Woods in the field. 

Tell Me I’m Wrong follows where the boys debate if Jordie Benn holds the highest value for the Canucks going into the trade deadline, and why baseball is the only sport where a nicknames tend to replace a players real name when being referenced to. 

Canucks reporter Jeff Paterson follows Hashtags and gets a nice piece of breaking news to sink his teeth in, after the New York Islanders acquired Kyle Palmieri from the New Jersey Devils in a trade that broke during the show. The conversation shifts to the Canucks where J Pat asks what would have happened if the Canucks had played that game versus the Flames back on March 31st when the COVID exposure was found within the organization.

Hot Take Wednesday and Errors and Omissions wraps up the show. 

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