April 6, 2022

April 6 2022 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

Our Wednesday Insider, Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake. Talked about NTC going public. Surprised that it isn’t done yet. The update is that what they thought would be done in a couple of days, has some hang ups. Tried to clear up what is happening with Bruce Boudreau and why he might not be back. Says it is fair to say it is in doubt. Dregs doesn’t find it unreasonable that those conversations haven’t happened yet. No doubt he has done an incredible job. Thinks that the team might want to wait to the end of the year. Doesn’t mean there is anything sinister there. Bruce runs into trouble when he doesn’t know how to not answer a question. Talked about coaches and potential vacancies around the league. Talked about the Hart trophy and how it is awarded. Talked about Travis Green and potentially seeing over Canada for the World Championship. 

Our Hockey Reporter, Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake in his regular slot. Talked about who has the most to prove as a Canuck. Conor Garland can show more than he has. Jeff ran through the rest of the list on our poll question. Talked about Brock Boeser and Jason Dickinson. Talked about Quinn Hughes and if he will break any Canuck records.

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