April 5, 2022

April 5 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

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Our Tuesday insider, Patrick Johnston, joined Matt and Blake in his regular spot. Talked about his piece that he did after chatting with the Canucks GM. Talked about the quote Allvin said where Canucks have no superstars. Talked about JT Miller and the kind of deal he would want to sign. Talked about Bruce Boudreau. Thinks that it will be somebody else that is coaching the Canucks to start next season. Talked about what Allvin thinks of Bruce. Says they will make a decision in the offseason. It’s a tough moment to be a coach. Talked about Brock Boeser.


JPat in his regular spot. Talked about Brock Boeser. Talked about why Bruce would put Dickinson with Horvat, rather than Podkolzin. Talked about where he was for the Sedin’s final game. Talked about Ryan Getzlaf. He could be a mean piece of work. Had the power in his game but the play making ability as well. We don’t see it very often when a guy plays with one team for his whole career. Got his cup early and 1000 games later. Boudreau had nothing but glowing praise. 

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