April 4, 2022

April 4 2022 - John Shannon & Jeff Paterson

John Shannon, our Monday NHL Insider, joined Matt and Blake for his regular shot. Talked about if the Canucks have any superstars. Says no they don’t. Doesn’t want to upset the thin-skinned BCers, but look where Patrik is coming from. PIT. They have superstars there. There are some potential superstars on this roster but nothing of the ilk that PIT has. Talked about the future of Bruce Boudreau in Vancouver. Talked about Evander Kane and what he has done for the Oilers. Talked about Mike Bossy.
JPat in his regular spot. Says the Canucks don’t have superstars. Has time for ‘stars’ but superstar is in another stratosphere. To eclipse that, you need to be the best in your position for years. Not convinced QH43 will win a Norris in his career. He is in a golden era of dmen. Jeff listed off a number of very good young players that he will always be in the conversation with. Allvin was absolutely spot on. There is a long way to go before they can put anyone in that category. JT Miller is having an incredible season but it is not gaining the attention of anyone around the league. Reserves that title for a very few amount of players in the league. Talked about BB calling out Horvat by number and not name. Talked about the rumours surrounding Bruce Boudreau and if he’ll be back. Talked about the team maintenance day. Talked about Brock Boeser and the injury that looked worse than it was. Was happy to see him make a very quick recovery after Twitter dr’s had him out for the rest of the season. Talked about Tucker Poolman. Talked about the production from the back end, compared to Vegas.

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