May 1, 2021

April 30 2021

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Last show of the week and we got so much to unpack!

The Welcome Matt calls out the ridiculousness of the “code” in the NHL.

The debut hit from our Seahawks insider Gregg Bell follows and Captain Bell explains the ‘Hawks strategy at the NFL Draft. Gregg also breaks down the differences between the Russell Wilson trade rumours that were swirling around earlier this offseason, and the Aaron Rodgers trade request that is currently brewing in Green Bay. 

It’s Friday so that means it’s time for little Crown Rick, as Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal joins for his weekly hit and starts off by questioning the “code” in the NHL and how ridiculous it is in today’s game. 

The Price is Right draws potential correlations between the COVID outbreaks that happened to the Buffalo Sabres and the Canucks.

Jeff Paterson joins for his last hit of the week and kicks off the interview stating his distain for the “code” in the NHL. J Pat also gives credit to Canucks prospect Jonah Gadjovich who is having a standout season down in Utica. 

We play Hot Take on a Friday and cap off the show with all the Errors and Omissions. 

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