April 27, 2021

April 26 2021

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The week begins with a bang, as it’s a game day for the Vancouver Canucks on the road in the nations capital for game three of four versus the Senators.

The Welcome Matt questions the Canucks handling of the salary cap, after it was revealed last week that Olli Juolevi wasn’t in the lineup because of lack of cap space.

Former Province sports editor Jonathan McDonald joins the show next and goes down memory lane of the Canucks 2011 run to the Stanley Cup final, revealing a story about a late night call from Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini the night after the Canucks lost game 6 of the first round in Chicago. Jonathan also reminisced about Jason Botchford’s life as a groundbreaking sports journalist during his time on the sports beat in Vancouver. 

Our Monday NHL insider John Shannon follows and the former executive producer of Hockey Night in Canada feels that the Canucks and Flames will go down to the wire to determine the final playoff spot in the North Division. John also said that he’s heard that a contract extension offer has been made by the Canucks to head coach Travis Green. 

The Price is Right wonders what the NHL on TNT would look like, and whether the league can assemble a panel that could be as entertaining as the NBA on TNT panel.

Jeff Paterson joins for his daily hit and breaks down how the runway for the Calgary Flames is beginning to get shorter as they try to chase down the Montreal Canadiens for the final playoff spot in the North. 

The show concludes with an electric version of Memo To and a spicy recap of all the Errors and Omissions. 


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