April 25, 2022

April 25 2022 - John Shannon & Jeff Paterson

John Shannon joined Matt and Blake for his regular Monday appearance. Talked about Bruce and if he’ll be back. Thinks that if Francesco had his way, BB would be back. It’s not only up to him. Jim, Patrik and Bruce will all have a say. Not sure what the window looks like for the option. Talked about Vegas and the rif between coach and goalie. Thinks that McCrimmon will give a ringing endorsement for DeBoer. Talked about good teams that will leave the playoffs early because of the format. John is not a fan of a play-in format. Says that being in the last week of the season with meaningful games is just as good as a play-in tournament.
JPat joined in his regular spot. Summed up the game on Saturday vs Calgary. Says the organization has failed Demko by putting too much on him. 61 starts for him and it showed vs the Wild and Flames. It has to be Demko till they are mathematically eliminated. Talked about the award Luke Schenn is up for. Talked about Quinn Hughes and where his season fits into Canucks history. Talked about practice.

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