April 20, 2022

April 20 2022 - Darren Dreger, Jeff Paterson & Jamie McLennan

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Darren Dreger, our NHL insider, joined for his regular Wednesday appearance. Talked about what’s coming up on Ray and Dregs. Talked about the Wild and the kind of team they are. Eventually the buyout of Suter and Parise will come back to haunt them. They want to win now. Bringing in Fleury was a no-brainer. Talked about their other adds. They are a pretty complete package. Talked about the Ferraro wardrobe. Talked about Bruce and if he is coming back. Players have responded which gives him a lot of good things working in his favour. Talked about the landscape of coaching for Canadian teams. Talked about the Vegas Golden Knights. Talked about Evander Kane. There is a lot of heavy lifting. It is a weird scenario. These hearings can take a long time and this didn’t even get done in a day. It’s about the grievance he filed with the Sharks and if he is entitled to the remainder of his contract. Dregs feels like all parties want to get something done. Maybe Kane’s decision making process is different if more money is coming his way. Talked about Tom Rennie stepping down from Hockey Canada. He has earned himself a vacation and hopes it turns into a full on retirement. He deserves it. 

JPat joined Matt and Blake in his regular slot. Started off talking about Tommy Larsheid and him being hoisted in a cherry picker. Talked about the shootout. Talked about Adam Gaudette. 

Jamie McLennan of TSN 1050’s Over Drive joined Matt and Blake. Talked about working with Jon Abbott. Says he is the best. Talked about calling the game in Vancouver when the Sens visited. Says the Sens played loose, with nothing to lose. The Canucks looked scared to lose. That was 2 points they needed but left 1 on the table. Thinks they have been playing fantastic. Talked about the Canucks. Demko carries himself like a star in net. Loves the core. Talked about Boudreau. Thinks he is a guy that you bring back and has found a groove with this team. Mentioned that he feels bad for Travis Green. Says he checks in with him once in awhile but never talks hockey. Thinks he will coach again in the league. The only thing that makes it better for Demko is when the awards and playoff series wins comes. There is no doubt with Noodles that he will win a Vezina.

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