April 19, 2022

April 19 2022 - Patrick Johnston, Jeff Paterson & Jon Abbott

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JPat in his regular spot. Talked about Miller and how the Canucks are getting it done without him scoring goals. Talked about the chances of making the playoffs . There is some wiggle room, they don’t have to be perfect. All is not lost. Talked about Conor Garland. Thinks that he is running out of runway to salvage his season but can play a role in getting the team to the playoffs. Talked about Bruce Boudreau. It’s hard to understand how they could move on from him. Management focus is on letting him coach the remaining games of the season. Thinks he has done enough.
Patrick Johnston, our Tuesday regular, joined Matt and Blake. Talked about playoff chances. Talked about Bruce for Jack Adams. This is how he won it in 08. Even getting this close, he deserves consideration. Same goes for Demko and his chances at the Vezina. PJ talked about his chat with Pat Brisson. Talked about Luke Schenn.
Our friend and former voice of the Vancouver Canucks, Jon Abbott joined Matt and Blake in studio. Talked about calling Ottawa Senators games and NLL games on TSN. Talked about the Canucks and how they are perceived nationally. To see JT Miller and a big year from Horvat. Demko is the player he gets asked about the most.

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