April 20, 2021

April 19 2021

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Live from Northlands Golf Course at the base of Mount Seymour in North Vancouver!

The Welcome Matt focuses on a big night for Vancouver sports after the Canucks beat the Maple Leafs coming back from being off the ice for close to a month due to the COVID outbreak that ravaged the organization, and the Whitecaps beating Cascadia rival Portland. 

Soccer insider Kristian Jack joins next to give his prognosis on the Whitecaps season. KJ also breaks down the new Super League that’s been formed in European football, and just what it means for the domestic leagues. 

Our new Monday NHL insider John Shannon follows KJ and starts by giving kudos to the Canucks effort in beating the Maple Leafs. The conversation shifts to the incredible career of Patrick Marleau, who will break Gordie Howe’s record for games played in the NHL tonight when the Sharks forward plays his 1,768th game versus Vegas. 

The Price is Right gives props to the performance of Bo Horvat in the Canucks Herculean effort beating the Maple Leafs coming off a COVID outbreak that decimated the team.

Tell Me I’m Wrong and Hashtags follow.

The final hour features our man on the Canucks beat Jeff Paterson for his daily hit. J Pat gives his thoughts on the Canucks big win last night versus Toronto, and answers whether or not he thinks the Canucks actually have a shot at making the playoffs. 

We play Memo To on a Monday, then the show wraps with all the Errors and Omissions. 

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