April 17, 2021

April 16 2021

The last show of the week and what a gorgeous weekend lays ahead!

The Welcome Matt takes a look at just who will be in the lineup for the Canucks when they get back to the ice, wondering if Elias Pettersson might be close to returning.

Whitecaps FC game analyst Colin Miller makes his debut on the new show and gives a preview of the ‘Caps season and who he expects to be in the lineup for the opening match this Sunday.

Price is Right takes aim at Canucks management and ownership whose handling of the COVID outbreak within the team has led many media members to question whether the organization is behind its players or more concerned about the bottom line. 

Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal follows for his weekly hit and begins by wondering out loud just what exactly is going on within the Canucks organization, as the media has been left out of team practices. Dhaliwal tells us how Quinn Hughes had the toughest time dealing with COVID than any of his teammates, and that Canucks management and ownership need to bare some of the blame for how they’ve handled the COVID outbreak that ravaged the team. 

Tell Me I’m Wrong and Hashtags follow Ricky.

Jeff Paterson joins for his daily hit and wonders how much fight the Canucks will be able to put up when they return to the ice, and whether their opponents will let up considering how decimated the Canucks have been due to COVID. 

The boys play Hot Take on Friday and wrap up the show with all the Errors & Omissions. 

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