April 15, 2021

April 14 2021

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Big show that starts with a bomb as Canucks forward JT Miller had some pointed words towards the NHL and the schedule the team is facing after fighting COVID that ripped through the entire team.

The Welcome Matt takes aim at the Canucks return and how devastating the COVID outbreak was within the organization.

Former VANOC CEO John Furlong joins to talk about the potential Vancouver bid to bring the Winter Olympic Games back to Vancouver in 2030.

Our Wednesday NHL Insider Craig Button joins for his weekly hit and explains how he injured himself in a pickle ball accident. The conversation shifts to hockey and Craig gives his insight on the Canucks COVID outbreak and the players that they picked up during the trade deadline. Craig also breaks down who he thought did fine work at the deadline. 

The Price is Right takes a look at the potential of the Winter Olympic Games returning in 2030 to Vancouver.

Tell Me I’m Wrong follows PIR, where the boys reveal the new voice memo that’s been introduced into the show. Hashtags follows that, where things get a little heated over a debate between whether a song Matt was thinking was sung by Justin Bieber or One Republic.

Jeff Paterson stops in for his daily hit and unpacks the JT Miller comments from today’s media zoom conference. J Pat also questions the NHLPA being so nonchalant about the Canucks having to play such a condensed, tough schedule to close out the season.

Hot Take Wednesday follows where its Blake turn to try and give a sizzling hot take.

The show wraps with Errors & Omissions where the boys have a heated debate about whether One Republic’s “Apologize” was a bigger hit than Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. 

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