April 11, 2022

April 11 2022 - John Shannon & Jeff Paterson

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Our Monday Insider, John Shannon joined Matt and Blake in his regular slot. Talked about the LA Kings and how they set up on the back end. John talked about Crosby and how he’ll be one of the best to ever play. Talked about the actual Mount Rushmore. John thinks that we will hear more about Boudreau when the season is over. Get the games done and we’ll hear more about it in the month of May. Thinks that this is only a distraction for the media. This is how Rutherford and Allvin conduct their business. Talked about the connection between Rutherford and Paul Maurice. There is a relationship there. Paul needed a break from hockey and the team needed a break from him. They stopped listening.
Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined us amidst a Canucks heater. Talked about the upcoming schedule of the teams around them and what needs to happen. Canucks still have games against all the teams that are around them but those teams don’t have any games against each other. Likes that the Canucks still have these teams to play to hold onto a faint playoff hope. If you had asked JPat a month ago, he would have been sure that they’d have been mathematically eliminated. Talked about Bruce being upset with the effort at practice. Talked about picture day and Brandon Sutter being a part of it.

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