April 1, 2022

April 1 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal, Bev Priestman & Rob Williams

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Friday regular, Rick Dhaliwal joined us to end the week. After the guys ripped Ricky for buying ice he talked about Aiden McDonough and his decision to go back for a 4th year. Talked about Trent Cull and what Abbotsford thinks of him. Talked about Rathbone. Rutherford says he is coming up. Wonders what they are waiting for with playoffs out of reach. Talked about Bruce and the rumblings that he might not be back. Ricky doesn’t like that there would have been 3 coaches in 9 months, if he doesn’t come back. Last thing in the world a team wants. Thinks that Boudreau would want to know very soon if he will be back.

The head coach of the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team, Bev Priestman, joined Matt and Blake. Talked about what it will be like to finally have a crowd in Vancouver as they play in Vancouver for the next couple of matches. Talked about Christine Sinclair. Said that Sinclair has more to give and this won’t be a final goodbye for her. Talked about the difference between the World Cup and the Olympics. Says they are totally different tournament. Talked about the depth in her squad. More specifically Jordyn Huitema. Brought up the likes of Julia Grosso. Talked about building the sport in Canada. Has been here since 2013 and Jessie Fleming was the next big star. The men qualifying will do great for the budget and the money the association receives. Talked about Quinn and the role they have played in the squad. Talked about the small town in England, population 28,000, that both Bev and Herdman are from. She is in Canada because of the shot he gave her. Talked about the chance she thinks Canada has in Men’s world cup. Says that John can do anything. Two of the teams are incredible but there is nothing this team can’t do. They are a threat in the counter attack, they get shutouts. He defends with a clean sheet mindset. When you look at the forwards they have, they can get anything done. The longer the game goes, the more pressure on them. Talked about the athleticism. Said they are the only team doing what they are doing without a league. Says that will be rectified by 2024. 

Rob Williams of the Daily Hive joined Matt and Blake to close the week. Talked about the World Cup and how Canada drew into the tournament. Talked about Conor Garland and the tough stretch he is on under BB. Talked about OEL and if he is underperforming. Talked about being close in points with Schenn and Hunt. He isn’t the player fans were hoping they got. Talked about the whispers surrounding Boudreau and returning for next year. That would be a tough sell to the fanbase. He is more popular than any of the players right now.

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