Aug. 3, 2022

Andy Dunn (Vancouver Canadians) & Rob Sacre (Fraser Valley Bandits)

The President of the Vancouver Canadians, Andy Dunn, joined Matt and Blake for Presidents Week. Andy talked about moving to full season ball and having this be the first season at home. Andy dropped some mind blowing numbers when it comes to game-time and how much has been saved with the pitch clock. Andy talked about the different groups involved and who likes the quicker games and who might wish they were a bit longer. Andy talked about the trimming of Minor League Baseball and if he was ever worried that the C’s would be no more. Says it all comes down to there being a team that wants to affiliate with you. That was never a concern for the organization, quite the contrary as Andy explains. Andy talked about the commitment from ownership. He ran down the list of all the improvements that are needed to improve quality for the players and fans. If you are a fan of going down to the Nat, you will want to hear what he says. Andy talked about a top Jays prospect that rolled through town this season, Ricky Tiedemann. He gave his thoughts on all the Canadian content that happen to be on the C’s this year and Canadian baseball as a whole and how it looks after the pandemic. Before he had the floor, there was a few words for John Schneider and his rise to manage the Blue Jays.

Sr. Advisor to the President of the Fraser Valley Bandits, Rob Sacre, joined Matt and Blake for Presidents Week. Rob talked about his role with the Bandits. It’s a combination of offering his thoughts and opinions and mentoring players. Rob talked about what he is up to now and how it helps him as an executive for a professional team. Rob told us who to look out for and the kind of players the league and team attracts.

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